Yonatan Maman

Yonatan Maman

RnD Group Leader


RnD group leader at Outbrain.com - doing code, management, tests, architecture, and great black coffee

Presentations by Yonatan Maman:

  • DevconTLV March Conference, Thursday, March 12, 2015, 15:05

    Having a public API is a common approach when companies want to make the shift from being a solution and become a platform.
    In the last year, while developing Outbrain's Amplify public API, we had dilemmas, we faced challenges and learned valuable lessons.

    In this session I will share what we have learned in term of development, execution and management of a public API, and will talk about things like:

    How to build the development team, and how to set its objectives.
    Why it is important that the business guys your work with will know what is API ?
    Why developing public API is different in term of the involvement of the developers in the business decisions, settings the priorities and meeting the users ?
    Which versioning approach to take ?
    What you should know, and do before launching public API ?
    Testing - Automatic, manual
    "This is not a pure RESTFul" is it a valid argument ?
    How to maintain the internal API together with the public API ?
    How to within the organization the importance of the API ?
    The importance of "eating your own dog food"

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