Raphael Fogel


This talk will discuss the Mad Mimi system of customer/developer feedback loops and how it impacted development, customer support and product quality.

Dean Levitt


We all agree that it's a mobile only world out there. 

You wish your site (and mobile web app) to be 'mobile first' and make sure they are giving your users an amazing experience. 

This talk will focus on... Read More
Ido Green


Using REST for real time web applications is either not efficient or not relevant in the world of micro services. Maintaining extreme performance characteristics while using multiple RESTful APIs in one... Read More
Efim  Dimenstein
Itai Chejanovsky




Continuous Delivery at Spotify - how we do it? Today Spotify is the biggest music streaming service in the world. As you can imagine, we faced quite a few challenges in the past few years. Being able to quickly... Read More
Evgeny Goldin


Traditional database architectures were the default option for many pre-Internet use cases and architectures, however, these traditional solutions have limits that become apparent as companies and data grow. The... Read More
Emmanuel Marchal


The Selenium and Appium projects are both platforms which allow for programmatic simulation of user interaction on Browsers and Mobile devices respectively, for testing purposes.

Part of the success of... Read More
Jonah Stiennon


Unless you were building in PHP, deploying a web app used to be a real

pain, but with the introduction of Platform as a Service (PaaS) like Heroku

our lives suddenly became a lot easier.

 Now 7 years... Read More
Cristiano Betta


Friday 4th June 1976, the Sex Pistols kicked off their first gig, a gig that's considered to change western music culture forever, pioneering the genesis of punk rock.

Wednesday 19th July 2000 had a similar... Read More
Yoav Abrahami


Rock and Roll


Map Reduce is often associated with various data processing frameworks, but in reality it is a model for dealing with large, parallel computations. In this talk we will explore the fundamental concept behind Map... Read More
Itamar  Tayer


Raw data is really hard to work with, especially when it comes in large quantities, and this is why most people don't realize the power they have at the tip of their fingers. Companies are being sold for billions... Read More
Itamar Syn-Hershko


Gigya in an API-first company, enabling brands to connect with socially active consumers on multiple devices - web and mobile. Our API platform is handling thousands of requests per second, serving 700 enterprises... Read More
Rotem Hermon


Having a public API is a common approach when companies want to make the shift from being a solution and become a platform.
In the last year, while developing Outbrain's Amplify public API, we had dilemmas, we... Read More
	Yonatan Maman


Service integration is a common problem for every business of sufficient size, regardless of industry. Whether you run a hotel chain, restaurant, or an airline, you always want to consume services (such as mass... Read More
Karen Cohen


Interfaces are the faces of your company. Companies hire UX designers to make their websites easy to use, consistent, intuitive, and clean. These same companies often don't care about their API design; apparently... Read More
Yehuda  Berlinger
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