The Current NoSQL Landscape: What sets it apart.

DevconTLV March Conference, Thursday, March 12, 2015, 10:25
Traditional database architectures were the default option for many pre-Internet use cases and architectures, however, these traditional solutions have limits that become apparent as companies and data grow. The amount of data being processed is exploding with five exabytes of data created every two days, according to Eric Schmidt. With access to applications on the web and on mobile devices, the number of simultaneous application users has dramatically risen as well. Relational database options, such as MySQL, are unable to handle modern companies changing priorities. Companies like Google and Amazon spotted the limitations of relational databases earlier, but now companies in all industries are looking to transition to NoSQL – which can eliminate downtime, and provide customers with a fast and unified experience.
This session will discuss the current NoSQL landscape, including architectural trends and what sets NoSQL apart from relational databases. It will take a look at the issues NoSQL databases solve and explore how implementing a NoSQL database, such as Riak, can help companies scale, run faster and have less costly risks of downtime. Utilizing case studies from Rovio and others, this talk will share best practices for successful operational models and architectural approaches.

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