20 API Design Tips to Stop Annoying Developers

DevconTLV March Conference, Thursday, March 12, 2015, 16:05

Interfaces are the faces of your company. Companies hire UX designers to make their websites easy to use, consistent, intuitive, and clean. These same companies often don't care about their API design; apparently "it works" is all they aspire to. However, your API is an interface; another face for your company. If it's hard to use, inconsistent, non-intuitive, or ugly, annoying a developer could be the best case scenario; you might lose customers.

Here are 20 tips from a former developer turned technical writer who thinks that it's better to design a good API rather than simply document a bad API.

Yehuda Berlinger wears many hats, including system administrator, web developer, private and corporate blogger, game designer, and gamification consultant. His relevant hat for this talk is his ten years as senior technical writer, for which he is regularly called upon, not only to document, but to review and revise APIs. He currently works for Red Bend Software, Gilead Games, and Athena ICT.

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